Why I made openinnovation.me

nikola tosic openinnovation.me

Building something like openinnovation.me is one in a life time opportunity. It is one of those “build it and they will come” projects that test vision and motivation. I am very lucky and happy to have the opportunity to do it, and clients and a team who share my vision:

Everyone should learn more about innovation
Content creation and consumption have been exponentially increasing for decades. But the quality is not. I want to offer a higher quality content – content about innovation. Innovation is what moves us forward. It is not politics, gossip, and entertainment, but innovation that improves our lives. The more everyone knows about innovation the smarter and better off we will all be. I want to build a social media where content, data, and algorithms serve only one purpose – increase innovation.

Companies should talk more about innovation
Companies got used to sharing low quality content, hacking poorly designed recommendation algorithms, and paying for simple visibility. Companies are actually very smart but they started to pretend they are stupid. Companies create innovations which improve our lives. This has stopped being visible to us. We are living in a time of the biggest disconnect between what companies actually do and how we see them. I want to help companies to again start talking about what they actually do – innovate.

Connecting different people will create more innovation
The more different people talk, the more innovation is created. Unfortunately, finding different people with interest and time to talk about innovation is not an easy job. The biggest block to innovation is being too busy to innovate and I want to solve this. It should be as easily as possible to find people and companies outside our usual circles with whom we can start innovating.

I hope that you join us.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 7 Jun 2021