What is design?


Design is very hard to define and everyone has their own version. Below is my list of most relevant definitions of design.

Design is…

… solution to a problem.

… science, engineering, management, and art.

… direction to a change.

… creation of new values, innovations, inventions, new ways of doing something.

… implementation of experience to new challenges.

… moderation and implementation of customer, user, stakeholder, team member feedback.

… combination of personal intuition with objective data.

… main purpose of each company.

… the only way for companies to compete.

… never only visual, only text, only process, only product, only data structure.

… a system of rules.

… management of customer experience.

Companies that adopt design as an important element of the roadmap and culture will be more successful and resilient. Companies and their team members design constantly, it is only a matter if they accept that or not. If design approach and culture are accepted and formalized the company will grow. If it is ignored and hidden company will not use its full potential and will be less competitive.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 5 Apr 2019