We have upgraded the Customers feature with Journey and Type

BEMapps.com Customers journey

BEMapps.com Customers feature collects all customer data to build a customer profile focused on how customer interacts with the brand, company, products, and its team. We believe it is important to understand customers from the perspective of all of their interactions and purchases together, and not only from purchases or specific interactions. Recently we upgraded this feature to include two important segmentation features:

Customer Journey
This feature automatically categorizes all customers in following groups: Not Aware, Aware, Interested (had strong interactions), Considering (evaluating proposal), Decided (single purchase), and Loyal (multiple purchases). These are the essential stages for all customer decisions and allow you to better understand how to engage with your customers and explore the already present potential.

Customer Type
We believe that companies do not grow only with customers who purchase but also with customers make other decisions. This is why we categorized customers by their decisions in Customer Types. Types we currently feature are: Client, Vendor, Press/Influencer, Recruit, and Investor. This feature allows you to organize all customers in types and track their journey towards loyalty.

For a demo please contact Andrea Toniolo, andrea@bemapps.com.
For technical inquiries please contact Nebojsa Dolas, nebojsa@bemapps.com.

BEMapps.com also includes the following features:
Trends – Follow market, product, and competitor trends,
Performance – Marketing & sales analytics,
Products – Product information and know-how management,
Brands – Brand information management,
Competitors – Competitor analytics,
Team – Team engagements.

Current clients can log in and use the new Customers feature.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 2 Apr 2019