Openness and open innovation training

open innovation training

We are offering openness and open innovation training for leaders, product designers, teams, and companies. Our training is structured in three parts:

Openness – culture change
Openness as a cultural concept should be accepted before open innovation processes and tools are adopted. We explain openness as a way to improve quality of information used in decision making – leadership, strategy, design, marketing, sales, HR.

Open innovation – processes change
We do not teach open innovation as a change of innovation processes but adoption of marketing processes in innovation. Our training is focused on discovery of experts and management of the relationship with them. – tool adoption
For a company to fully adopt openness and open innovation it must use a tool. This part of training is for companies that chose to use our platform and it will teach them to practically implement openness and open innovation with customers and experts.

Training can be customized for the group size and available time, exercises and case studies are included, and can be done online or on location.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 24 Apr 2023