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T-BOX è il 50% più compatto rispetto alle soluzioni standard
Sliding table is an Elmar technical patent, Catas registered and certified for 30,000 opening cycles

Unlike wooden and metal formwork, Geopanel Star can be easily adjusted to any column size and shape by simply turning the handles to lock the panels in place

La macchina termosigillatrice Linea Flesh grazie alle confezioni in polipropilene assicura una sigillatura perfetta anche in presenza di sostanze grasse o unte
eTensil 4 start-up methods. The only screwdriver that let you change start-up modes directly from the tool without modifying the mechanical setup




Sliding table
Bomber 50C
Electric screwdrivers eTensil
Jumbo Duplex


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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 17 Jun 2022