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Homes are not innovated often because of the high costs, but they are a crucial global innovation factor. Everyone needs one and they offer thousands of innovation opportunities. Homes also affect global economies and sustainability. Below is a list of our favorite home innovations currently available, with a focus on open brands…


100 3D printed houses to be built in Austin, Texas
Wing Island is an innovative kitchen island because in only 115cm it encloses a flexible cooking area and a back panel that can be transformed into a table to optimize spaces

Lineabeta – Careto “Careto” is a small cart for bathroom totaly made with sustainable materials: aluminium, bamboo, …

T-FAST allows the installation of a domestic hot water recirculation pump kit. This allows comfort and lowers energy consumption and water usage
Drainroof is a modular panel for green roofs that has a triple function: protecting the waterproofing membrane, retaining rainwater to prevent runoff, and supporting the growth of plants
With the K&B collection for every square meter of carpet we produce, we remove 100 PET bottles from the seas, fields and roads
Ecocapsule fully off-grid, smart, self-sustainable micro-house, powered only by solar and wind energy. It allows you to stay in remote places out of reach of urban networks on sale for 79,900 EUR





Bomber 50C



building energy efficiency


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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 25 Mar 2022