Innovation tags only

innovation tags

In we have decided to use only tags to connect innovations, brands, products, and opportunities. We removed the categories and countries. Previously added categories and countries are now added as tags.

I have been a huge fan of tags as a way to organize content ever since WordPress added them in 2000s. Tags later gained much more popularity as social media hashtags, especially on Instagram and Twitter, allowing tagging of billions of posts. I am happy that now you can focus only on tags to add and browse innovations, brands, products, and opportunities on Using only tags is simpler and more straightforward.

I do recognize that the search tag pulldown is not a good solution. Soon we will replace it with a better one.

One way you can view tags is as roadmaps for innovation. For example, a tag for 3D house printing will show all ideas, related trends, problems, events, brands, products, opportunities for this technology in a timeline.

When adding tags feel free to use multiple words divided by space and do not use “#” symbol. Since we have a separate input field for tags, there is no need to apply these social media tagging rules. tag can be “john smith” while social media tag must be #johnsmith.

PS We also added French and German languages. You can change your language by going to your profile and clicking the “edit” button.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 22 Oct 2021