How NOT to destroy teamwork

LeBron James basketball pass teamwork

Forcing people to do what you want never worked. There are millions of examples in history to prove it. On the other hand no one can make anything relevant alone. We can only motivate others to work with us. This is called teamwork. Without teamwork nothing gets made. Marketing, content, and growth strategies are especially demanding on teamwork because they are hard to measure and agile (nothing is fixed).

For companies to grow they need best possible teamwork. Building teamwork starts with following these rules:

1) Forget departments and any other kind of team fragmentation. There is only one team and it includes everybody- marketing, sales, product, management, finance, logistics. It also includes all the suppliers. And finally it includes the person cleaning the office. If the cleaner does not know what you do and is not motivated and proud to work with you then there is a big possibility you do not have a good team. Teams are inclusive, not exclusive. Company is not a high school and it should not have cliques.

2) One simple goal for everyone, and that goal is not “make more money”. There can not be five, three, or two goals. There is only one goal: make customers happy. If everyone makes customers happy the company will grow. Everyone should print a photo of a customer, pin it next to them, and look at it every day. Customer satisfaction is everyone’s goal. A happy customer is easy to understand.

3) Add concrete actions on top of visionary motivation. Unifying the company into a single team and sharing one goal is very hard if you offer only abstractions. It is important to include the abstract vision, but the communication must not stop there and should include real actions for team members. For example, to improve our customer service John must talk less than a minute with each customer. Only concrete tasks and rules will change the team and everyone should suggest them.

No amount of planning can substitute a lack of teamwork. First build a team, then add strategy, and only then your company can grow.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 2 May 2018