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Energy is a hot trend now. Energy prices are surging globally and the adoption of clean energy is being prioritized. Bellow is a selection of energy innovations, brands, products, and tags.



Quaise aims to digg 20 km deep to provide geothermal energy
Fusion sustained for 5 seconds is a sign it can be sustained and controlled as an energy source much longer
Lovato installed 85 MACUK S-SR to lower energy consumption of the residential project in 9 Sutton Court Road Residential in London. Building was designed by Twelve Architects architects
TerraPower Natrium nuclear reactor to be demonstrated in Wyoming, USA
Completa innovative green roof trays act as a thermal barrier, saving up to 35 % energy for air conditioning and heating





Geoplast Completa
Vortex Bladeless Wind Turbine
Tesla Megapack
TerraPower Molten Chloride Fast Reactor
Lovato Bomber 50C



building energy efficiency
clean energy
geothermal energy


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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 16 Mar 2022