BMW, innovation democracy, & future stakeholders

bmw twitter

BMW asked its Twitter followers to vote on the best sustainable mobility solution and they voted 87 % for public transport and only 5 % for BMW products. This is a great example of difference between what company wants (sell cars) and what customers want (buses).


“Innovation is the least democratic activity.”

Matteo Pozzi, Elevator Innovation Hub, at our Talk with us about open innovation event. He added that is something that must be improved and is already changing towards more democratic approaches.


“We (Dainese) evaluate direct and indirect stakeholders, but we also focus on the future stakeholders.”

Tommaso Guseo, Dainese, at our Talk with us about open innovation event. Tommaso especially emphasized the importance of understanding future stakeholders and customers when innovating.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 10 Jun 2021